Columbia Study of Mothers and Babies

With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Viking Global Foundation, CPRC is supporting the Columbia Study of Mothers and Babies, conducted by the Center on Poverty and Social Policy. This is a small-scale randomized control trial (RCT) evaluating the Room to Grow (RtG) program in New York City. RtG's mission is to enrich the lives of babies throughout their first three years of life. The program provides pregnant mothers with a combination of parenting supports, connection to community-based resources, and direct provision of material supports such as books, toys, strollers, clothes, etc. for their child. Through this small scale RCT, the research team hopes to assess whether the program makes an impact on a variety of outcomes related to child and family outcomes.

Room to Grow aims to help parents increase the probability that their children will enter school ready to learn and continue on to meet their full potential with regards to education, work, and citizenship. The project is designed to investigate the program's impacts on these outcomes. Over the long-term, our team hopes to follow children through the first few years of school.

Research Team

  • Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Ph.D.
  • Jane Waldfogel, Ph.D.
  • Christopher Wimer, Ph.D. 
  • Helena Duch, Ph.D. 
  • Maria Marti Castaner, Ph.D. 
  • Ruby Engel, Research Analyst 
  • Daniel Salgado, Research Analyst
  • Katie Gamalski, Research Analyst

Additional Information

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Whom do I call if I have any questions or problems?

If you have any questions or concerns about your rights or responsibilities as a research participant, please contact the Columbia University Human Research Protection Office at: 212-851-7040; Email: For questions or concerns about the study, you may contact Christopher Wimer at 212-854-0245 or