Desiree Omar Abu-Odeh

Desiree Abu-Odeh is a history-track PhD candidate in Columbia University’s Department of Sociomedical Sciences and a 2019 NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellow. Her research interests include public health ethics and histories of public health, gender, race, sexuality, and social movements in the United States. Desiree’s work on obesity and stigma has been published in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal. Her dissertation examines the sexual violence problem and anti-violence work on American college campuses from 1950 to 2000. She has received funding for her doctoral studies and dissertation research from her department’s Predoctoral Fellowship in Gender, Sexuality and Health, the Columbia Population Research Center, Harvard’s Schlesinger Library, Barnard Library, and Smith College Libraries.

Research Interests

Adolescent / Young Adult Developmental Transitions
Policy (policies)
Sex Education
Sexual Violence


National Center for Education Statistics Data
Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics Data