Jinyu Liu

Dr. Liu’s research focuses broadly on aging and health. In particular, she studies determinants of stress Chinese family caregivers and effects of social support on the mental health of Asian older adults. In her studies on family caregivers, Dr. Liu examines stressors that merge from family caregiving and potential ways of improving the aging circumstances of older Chinese adults and their caregivers. One of her current research projects is developing and testing a culturally-sensitive intervention, the Peer Mentoring Program (PMP), to reduce stress of dementia caregivers in Chinese American communities. Dr. Liu also investigates the effects of supportive social environment on mental health, particularly among Asian older adults who are in family-oriented cultures and societies undergoing dramatic social, economic, cultural and familial transformations. Now she is leading a research team to collect primary data from Chinese and Korean homebound older adults in New York City. Dr. Liu’s work has been funded by National Institute of Aging, the Columbia Population Research Center, the Rutgers RCMAR center, and the Columbia School of Social Work.

Research Interests

Health Inequities
Immigrant Health
International Migration
Life Course Perspectives on Migration
Migrant Health
Social Support
Family Caregiving
Mental Health
Later Life
Intergenerational Relationship


China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study
National Health, and Aging Trends Study
Health and Retirement Study
The Population Study of Chinese Elderly in Chicago Study