Kathryn M Neckerman

Kathryn Neckerman is a senior research scientist at the CPRC. She is trained as a sociologist and works with the Built Environment and Health group on studies of urban inequality, neighborhood characteristics, and health. She serves as survey director for the Poverty Tracker study of the dynamics of poverty and disadvantage in New York City, and as project director for the Early Childhood Poverty Tracker, a longitudinal study of New York City families with young children. Both studies are supported by the Robin Hood Foundation and based at the CPRC. Publications include Schools Betrayed: Roots of Failure in Inner-City Education (Chicago) and more than fifty journal articles and chapters. She also edited Social Inequality (Russell Sage) and, with Peter Bearman and Leslie Wright, edited After Tobacco: What Would Happen If Americans Stopped Smoking? (Columbia). Primary research interests include urban inequality, health disparities, and sustainability.

Research Interests

Built Environment
Urban Planning


Early Childhood Poverty Tracker Data
Poverty Tracker Data