Sharon H. Green

Sharon Green is a PhD student studying sociology and public health. She is also an NIH-funded Gender, Sexuality, and Health Fellow. Her research utilizes population-level survey data and qualitative data to explore how migration and globalization produce health disparities and social inequalities. Green’s work has also examined harm reduction approaches to tobacco control through use of qualitative interview data, gun control strategies through use of computational social science techniques, and intimate partner violence through use of survey and focus group data. Her work has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, and Social Science and Medicine – Population Health. Prior to her doctoral studies, Green worked as an HIV screening and counseling program coordinator, an emergency medical technician, and a middle school science teacher in rural Ghana.

Research Interests

Global Migration Trends
Harm Reduction
Health Inequities
International Migration
Social Determinants
Social Stratification


Decennial Census
General Social Survey