Past Seed Grant Awards

Characterizing Stress Reactivity in Women and Children Exposed to Early-Life Stress

  • Lauren Houghton (Epidemiology)
  • Nim Tottenham (Psychology)

Community- and school-level policing, school discipline, and student victimization: Identifying the adolescent health consequences of racialized criminalization and securitization in New York City schools

  • Seth Prins (Epidemiology)
  • Jeffrey A. Fagan (Law School

Supporting Farm to School and Healthy Eating during COVID-19 School Closures

  • Malo Hutson (Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation)
  • Moira O'Neil (Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation)
  • Eliza Kinsey (Epidemiology)

The Impact of Covid-19 and Social Drivers on Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services among Immigrant Women in New York City

  • Goleen Samari (Population and Family Health)
  • Jennifer Hirsch (Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Heather Wurtz (Sociomedical Sciences)


An Examination of Physical Activity and Sleep Quality in Low-Income Households Using Actigraphy Data

  • Jeanne Brooks-Gunn (Teachers College)
  • Diana Hernández (Sociomedical Sciences)

Digital Phenotyping and Intensive Longitudinal Methods for Examining Multi-Level Social Connectedness, Mental Health, and Alcohol/Substance Use among Adolescents in New York City

  • Alissa Davis (Social Work)

Girls and Early Markers of Autism: Diagnostic Inequalities in Girls At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Sylvie Goldman (Neurology)

Implementing Web-based Psychoeducation Trainings for Community Leaders in Kenya and Brazil in response to COVID-19

  • Samantha Winter (Social Work)

Model Minority No More? Changing Perceptions and
the Social and Economic Impact of Rising Anti-Asian Racism Fueled by COVID-19

  • Neeraj Kaushal (Social Work)
  • Yao Lu (Sociology)

Mothers’ Childhood Trauma, Oxytocin, and Infant Development in a Disadvantaged Population in Argentina 

  • Pamela Scorza (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
  • Catherine Monk (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Staying Close When Apart: The Value of “Information Communication” during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

  • Belinda Archibong (Barnard College)

The impact of maternal race and psychosocial stress in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic on mother and newborn sleep health 

  • Dani Dumitriu (Pediatrics)
  • Catherine Monk (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

The impact of gestational diabetes mellitus and gestational hypertension on neurodevelopmental outcomes in the context of maternal stress and depression during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • William Fifer (Pediatrics)
  • Carmela Alcántara (Social Work)
  • Noelia M. Zork (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Postpartum Overdose and HIV/STI: Unpacking Common Drivers and Prevention Opportunities for Postpartum Women who Use Opioids in NYC 

  • Brooke West (Social Work)

Preparing a COVID-19 Module for the New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey

  • Jeanne Brooks-Gunn (Teachers College)
  • Elizabeth Ananat (Barnard College)

Communities of Opportunity: Piloting Methods for an Ecological Assessment of Housing-based Health Interventions in Affordable Housing Settings

  • Diana Hernandez (Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Virginia Rauh (Population and Family Health)
  • Charles Branas (Epidemiology)

Operation Parenting: A Social Group Model among Immigrant Parents of Children with Behavior Problems

  • Qin Gao (Social Work)
  • Fuhua Zhai (Fordham)

Is social media affecting adolescent mental health? Piloting machine learning techniques to identify at-risk youth in national samples of adolescents from 2009 through 2018

  • Katherine M. Keyes (Epidemiology)
  • Mark L. Hatzenbuehler (Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Underemployment and Racial/Ethnic Inequality among College Graduates
  • Yao Lu (Sociology)
  • Kriste Krstovski (Data Science Institute and Computer Science)

Resilience in migrant youth exposed to violence and hunger, an examination of participants in the CAMINANDO study

  • Manuela Orjuela (Epidemiology)

  • Lindsay Stark (Population and Family Health)

  • Maria Marti (Population and Family Health)

  • Xinhua Liu (Biostatistics)

  • Alexandra Restrepo Henao (Doctoral Candidate)

  • Ezra Susser (Epidemiology)
  • Charlie Branas (Epidemiology)

Service Utilization and Stress of Chinese Dementia Caregivers in New York City

  • Jinyu Liu (Social Work)

Innovating Youth Gang Violence Prevention with Natural Language Processing and Qualitative Analysis

  • Desmond Patton (Social Work)

Women, Men, Work, Family: Gender Inequality in Time Use in Transitional China

  • Qin Gao (Social Work)
  • Fuhua Zhai (Fordham)

Migrant-related stressors, mental health, substance use and HIV risk behavior among long distance truck drivers in Zambia: A cross-sectional study

  • Lynn Michalopoulos (Social Work)
  • Fred Ssewemala (Social Work)
  • Nomagugu Ncube (Migration Health Unit)
  • Simona Simona (University of Zambia)

When ‘Opportunity’ Moves to You: Assessing Outcomes for Control Group Residents of the Moving to Opportunity Study in Gentrifying Neighborhoods

  • Lance Freeman (Urban Planning)
  • Valerie Stahl (Research Assistant)
  • Biological Plasticity and Childhood Academic Resilience following Early-life Adversity
  • Nim Tottenham (Psychology)
  • Frances Champagne (Psychology)

Comprehensive Early Childhood Parenting Supports and Children’s Health and Development

  • Christopher Wimer (Social Work)

Structural stigma and allostatic load among American sexual minorities

  • Mark Hatzenbuehler (Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Robert Juster (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Placental biomarkers of prenatal hormone exposure and neurodevelopmental risk

  • Frances Champagne (Psychology)
  • Martha Welch (Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Pathology & Cell Biology)
  • Ronald Wapner (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Developmental trajectories of executive function and academic achievement in the early elementary school

  • Anne Conway (Social Work)

#Racism: Examining cultural racism and multiple stress responses in the context of contemporary public media

  • Courtney D. Cogburn (Social Work)

Accelerated maturation in the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study: Relation to timing, type and severity of in-home stressors

  • Cindy Hagan (Psychology)
  • Nim Tottenham (Psychology)
  • Frances Champagne (Psychology)
  • Jeanne Brooks-Gunn (Teachers College)
  • The Bureaucratization of Undergraduate Sex
  • Constance A. Nathanson (Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Shamus Kahn (Sociology)

Columbia University Research Consortium on Autism Spectrum and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  • Peter Bearman (Sociology)
  • Jane Waldfogel (Social Work)
  • William Fifer (Psychiatry and Pediatrics)

Son Preference in East and South Asian Diaspora

  • Neeraj Kaushal (Social Work)

Socioeconomic Status, Bilingualism & Language Environment

  • Kimberly Noble (Pediatrics)
  • Natalie Brito (Postdoctoral Research Scholar)

Understanding Parental Incarceration Through Survey and Administrative Data

  • Amanda Geller (Sociomedical Sciences)

Health, Stress and Decision Making

  • Matthew Neidell (Health Policy and Management)
  • David Rahman (University of Minnesota)

Integrating Mobile Technology in Youth Savings: A Pilot Test for Kenya

  • Fred Ssewamala (Social Work & International Affairs)

The Impact of the Haitian Elite on Development

  • Suresh Naidu (Economics and International Public Affairs)
  • James Robinson (Harvard)

History, Culture, and Power in Global Health

  • Amy Fairchild (Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Richard Parker (Sociomedical Sciences)
  • The Interactive Effects of State, City and School Physical Activity and Nutrition Policies with Student Genotype on Childhood Obesity
  • Jason Fletcher (RWJ HSS)
  • Jeanne Brooks-Gunn (Teachers College & College of Physicians and Surgeons)

Biological Embedding of Social Stress in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations

  • Mark L. Hatzenbuehler (RWJ HSS)
  • Bruce Link (Epidemiology)
  • Katie A. McLaughlin (Pediatrics)

How Immigrants and their Children Fare at Different Destinations

  • Yao Lu (Department of Sociology)
  • Neeraj Kaushal (School of Social Work)
  • Immigration, Assimilation and Nutrition:  Changes in Diet of South Asian and West African Recent Immigrants to New York City
  • Anne Paxton (Epidemiology and Population and Family Health)
  • Sharon Akabas (Pediatrics)
  • Aravind Pillai (Global Health Track)

Improving Recall of Survival and Mortality Events during Retrospective Interviews in Developing Countries: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Supplementary Interviewing Techniques

  • Stéphane Helleringer (Department of Population and Family Health)
  • James Phillips (Department of Population and Family Health)

We Can Be Good Parents: Understanding and Mitigating Reproductive Stigma Against HIV-positive Men and Women

  • Jennifer Hirsch (Department of Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Wafaa El-Sadr (Clinical Medicine and Epidemiology)
  • Jessica Justman (Clinical Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology)
  • Nora J. Kenworthy (Department of Sociomedical Sciences) 

Monitoring Public Opinion of Immigrants in the U.S.

  • Neeraj Kaushal (School of Social Work)
  • Francisco L. Rivera-Batiz (Teachers College)

Latent Structure Models for Social Networks Using Aggregated Relational Data

  • Tian Zheng (Statistics)
  • Tyler McCormick (Statistics)

Life Projects, Therapeutic Itineraries and Antiretroviral Therapy in Washington Heights

  • Jennifer Hirsch (Department of Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Peter Messeri (Department of Sociomedical Sciences)
  • Tonya Taylor