Primary Research Areas

CPRC researchers are grouped into five thematic areas or primary research area (PRA) groups: Children, Youth, and Families; Climate and Environment; Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS; Immigration/Migration; and Urbanism and Neighborhoods. Each PRA is convened by multi-disciplinary CPRC affiliates who organize PRA meetings and conferences.

Cross-Cutting Theme

A hallmark of CPRC affiliates’ work, cutting across and extending beyond all four of our primary research areas, is attention to inequalities and policies to mitigate those inequalities. CPRC affiliates work examines multiple forms of inequality, including racism, stigma, gender, sexuality, migrants’ social exclusion, and poverty. 

Working Groups

Working groups organize clusters of researchers around a specific research topic or problem who commit to develop either a research project or a CPRC-wide initiative. The working groups convene researchers from across the Columbia campus with a shared topical research interest, thereby crossing disciplinary divides and generating new collaborations among faculty who might not otherwise even meet.