Bernard Salanie

Professor Salanié's research interests range from microeconomic theory to econometric methods. His best-known contributions investigate asymmetric information, behavior under risk. He has also worked in several areas of applied microeconomics: labor economics, public finance, or the economics of marriage.

Professor Salanié is Professor of Economics. His research agenda in microeconomic theory and in applied microeconomics encompasses the effect of financial incentives on fertility, and the economics of marriage. He is currently working with Alfred Galichon and with Pierre-André Chiappori on several projects that advance matching models of the marriage market. They have developed a general, flexible empirical strategy that they are using to explore the determinants of marriage and partner choice. They have recently used this approach in order to evaluate how the returns to education on the marriage market have changed over time and their consequences for inequality.

Research Interests

Family Policy
Human Capital and Children
Social Policy


American Community Survey
Current Population Survey
Vital Statistics Data