Daniel P. Giovenco

Daniel Giovenco, PhD, MPH is a behavioral scientist who uses geographical information systems, field data collection, and survey data to uncover how community characteristics influence disparities in substance use. His specific areas of interest include the marketing of tobacco products at the point-of- sale, the public health implications of tobacco harm reduction, and the co-use of marijuana and tobacco. Dr. Giovenco's research has been published in leading public health journals such as the American Journal of Public Health, Tobacco Control, and the Journal of Adolescent Health. In addition to research, Dr. Giovenco teaches graduate courses in public health intervention design and is a member of the Prevention, Control and Disparities Program at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Giovenco is a 2016 recipient of the NIH Director's Early Independence Award, a grant from the National Institutes of Health awarded to junior scientists who have the ability to flourish as an independent researcher without the need for traditional post-doctoral training. His project will examine how the promotion of tobacco products with varying levels of risk differs across neighborhoods and how this may influence harm reduction behaviors and subsequent health disparities.

Research Interests

Built Environment
Harm Reduction
Health Inequities
Place-Based Interventions
Policy (policies)
Social Determinants
Urban Equity
Urban Health


American Community Survey
Current Population Survey
Decennial Census
National Health Interview Survey
NYC Survey Data (e.g. Community Health Survey, Housing and Vacancy Survey)