Manuela A. Orjuela-Grimm

Manuela Orjuela is a molecular epidemiologist and pediatric oncologist whose research focuses on gene-nutrient/ environment interactions during pregnancy and early childhood and the development of later genetic and epigenetic changes in childhood disease.Interests: gene-nutrient interactions; one carbon donor metabolism; methylation; nutrient and environmental exposures during early life and later genetic and epigenetic effects; dietary assessment in Mexico and in US Latino populations; effects of acculturation and early life migration on nutrient/ environmental exposures in US Latinos.

Research Interests

Adolescent / Young Adult Developmental Transitions
Asylum Seekers
Environmental Health
Health Inequities
Immigrant Children or Children of Immigrants
International Migration
Life Course Perspectives on Migration
Long Reach of Childhood or Childhood Origins of Adult Health
Migrant Health


National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey