Melissa DuPont-Reyes

Dr. DuPont-Reyes is trained as a psychiatric and social epidemiologist. Dr. DuPont-Reyes is an interdisciplinary public health scholar that centers her research on issues of health equity in population mental health among young and diverse populations. Her research seeks to understand how early prevention of mental illness stigma among adolescent populations may help reduce disparities in mental health care access and utilization later in the life course. Her current projects address three important issues in mental illness stigma research: (1) the development and testing of low-dose, high-reach mental health anti-stigma interventions via school mental health education and mass media (including U.S.-basesd Spanish language media), (2) evaluation of mental illness stigma across intersectional social identities, and (3) advancing theory related to adolescent mental health help-seeking and familial transmission of mental health help-seeking.

Research Interests

Adolescent / young adult developmental transitions
Adverse childhood experiences
Health inequities
Immigrant children or children of immigrants
Immigrant health
Migrant health
Sexual violence
Social determinants
Social policy
Social stratification


National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)