Qixuan Chen

Qixuan Chen is Associate Professor of Biostatistics. Her methodology research is on the development of statistical methods for complex survey data and data with missing values. Her research on survey sampling focuses on Bayesian model­-based methods that incorporate the survey design variables in the model to yield results that have good frequentist properties. Her research on missing data focuses on multiple imputation and survey nonresponse. In collaborative research, she has been serving as lead statistician and co-­Investigator on multiple grants, with the applications of statistics to environmental health sciences, psychiatry and mental health, substance abuse, and social sciences. She holds a PhD in Biostatistics and a certificate in survey sampling from the University of Michigan.

Research Interests

Environmental Health
Urban Health


American Community Survey
Administrative Data (state or national)
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
National Health Interview Survey
NYC Survey Data (e.g. Community Health Survey, Housing and Vacancy Survey)