Sabrina Hermosilla

Sabrina Hermosilla, PhD, MPH, MIA, MS, is a social epidemiologist who applies rigorous epidemiologic and psychometric principles and methods to study social determinants of mental health and psychosocial outcomes in complex global settings. With an explicit focus on potentially modifiable factors, her research in implementation science explores and builds the evidence around commonly implemented interventions, primarily in humanitarian and forced migration settings. She has nearly two decades of experience designing and implementing studies in humanitarian contexts. In addition to her position at Columbia, she serves as President of the Board of Directors for Roots of Health and leads the Research and Evaluation Thematic Group for the Olympic Refuge Foundation Think Tank. Her teaching centers on the epidemiology of global and adolescent mental health, measurement, and applied data collection and management best practices in complex low resource settings.

Research Interests

Adolescent/young adult developmental transitions
Adverse childhood experiences
Asylum seekers
Built environment
Child abuse and neglect
Child policy
Family policy
Global migration trends
Harm reduction
Health inequities
Immigrant children or children of immigrants
Immigrant health
Immigration policy
Internal migration
International migration
Life course perspectives on migration
Long reach of childhood or childhood origins of adult health
Migrant health
Parental separations
Place-based interventions
Sending areas
Sexual violence
Social determinants
Social policy
Social stratification
Social support
State child health programs
Teen pregnancy
Toxic stress
Trauma informed care
Urban equity
Urban health
Urban planning
Urban policy