Valentina Chegwin

Valentina Chegwin is a Social Policy and Policy Analysis PhD student, focusing on early childhood and health policy under the guidance of Dr. Julien Teitler.  Valentina’s research focuses on early childhood development,  family human capital investment and social mobility in relation to social policy design in developing countries.  As a doctoral research assistant, Valentina is currently working on a project exploring the trends and effects of obstetric Interventions in relation to neonatal health and child Development. Prior to joining Columbia, Valentina worked as a Social Protection consultant at the InterAmerican Development Bank in Colombia.  She also worked as a research assistant at the Center of Studies on Economic Development (CEDE), at Los Andes University in Colombia. Valentina holds a Masters and BA in Economics from Universidad de los Andes.

Research Interests

Child Policy
Early Interventions or Prenatal to Age Three Interventions
Family Policy
Health Inequities
Human Capital and Children
Policy (policies)
Social Policy


Administrative Data (state or national)