Victoria O Nguyen

Victoria O. Nguyen is a doctoral student with an interdisciplinary research interest that integrates clinical social work and public health to understand how structural and social factors affect mental health, particularly among refugee and immigrant children and families. Her work aims to strengthen psychosocial interventions to improve health outcomes for children and families who have been exposed to trauma and violence.

Ms. Nguyen also serves as a lead writer in Research & Innovation (R&I) at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a global humanitarian relief and development NGO that works in over 40 countries. At the IRC, she is a key contributor to public-facing, written works to deliver on the IRC’s R&I growth goals in the design, implementation, and scaling of interventions and rigorous evaluations in humanitarian settings. Previously, Ms. Nguyen was a Director at a Kenya-based maternal and reproductive health nonprofit organization affiliated with Vanderbilt University Institute for Global Health; and has worked in multiple research roles within UNICEF, Columbia Population Research Center, and the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Ms. Nguyen earned her Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in 2015 and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Social & Economic Justice at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2012.

Research Interests

Health Inequities
Immigrant Health
Life Course Perspectives on Migration
Long Reach of Childhood or Childhood Origins of Adult Health
Migrant Health
Social Determinants


Administrative Data (State or National)
NYC Administrative Data