Daniel W Belsky

The goal of Dan Belsky's work is to reduce social inequalities in aging outcomes in the US and elsewhere. His research sits at the intersection of public health, population & behavioral science, and genomics. His studies seek to understand how genes and environments combine to shape health across the life course. Belsky's research uses tools from genome science and longitudinal data from population-based cohort studies. The aim is to identify targets for policy and clinical interventions to promote positive development from early life and extend healthspan. Belsky is a member of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Child Brain Development Network and from 2016-2018 was an Early Career Fellow of the Jacobs Foundation. 

Research Interests

Human Capital and Children
Long Reach of Childhood or Childhood Origins of Adult Health
Social Stratification


Add Health (National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health)
National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
National Health Interview Survey